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For the joy of our players, And the happiness of everyone, We create new experiences. - We'd like everyone to find joy in the games we create.It is with this thought in mind that Vanguard was formed. The name Vanguard is meant to represent those on the front line, just as it is our aim to be on the front line of mobile entertainment. Vanguard operates on a philosophy that can be explained in 5 parts,all of which were inspired by Sun Tzu's Art of War.Be focused.Share the corporate philosphy and align all work-related tasks with its realization.Act efficiently.Accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Be grounded. Set goals with the market in mind. Lead. Put effort into helping others grow. Do right. Conduct business effectively and within the confines of the law. Vanguard was formed over 20 years ago, but our core philosophy of creating new experiences for the joy of everyone remains unchanged, and our work remains true to the philosophies of Sun Tzu.